Technology as an enabler for

Financial Inclusion

Time & Venue:

One & Only Royal Mirage | The Royal Ballroom
Al Sufouh Road, Jumeirah Beach Dubai, UAE


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TechKoGo Forum (TKF) was founded in May 2022 in Dubai United Arab Emirates by KogoPAY Group, a socially conscious FinTech company and the Artepreneurs Group, a social enterprise. TechKoGo is a brand exclusive to KogoPAY comprising of a series of forums for the community attended by dedicated tech experts and enthusiasts to discuss all topics related to today’s fast evolving technology landscape.

The first edition of TechKoGo has the theme “Technology as an enabler for Financial Inclusion”. It is being hosted by KoGoPay as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility to promote financial inclusion especially for SMEs and in support of “Bridging the Digital Divide” (BDD) initiative by The Artepreneurs Group. It aims to help in educating the international business community, with a focus on women entrepreneurs. This is in the service of technological advancement, innovation and bridging the technology knowledge gap.

We want to work together with thriving entrepreneurs and business leaders. Together we can drive digital transformation as a pillar of a knowledge-based, highly productive and competitive economy.

Doing Social Good in Tech for the Business Community TechKoGo Forum is a platform for tech experts and enthusiasts to communicate, share knowledge and have a productive interaction towards creating measurable success.

How technology is helping improve financial inclusion around the world?
There isn’t anything today that is untouched by technology, especially when we think of how digital infrastructure is allowing us to stay connected with friends and family and enabling businesses to function. The pandemic has underscored the significant role of ‘digital’ not only in creating an inclusive society by bridging the digital divide but also in creating positive impact at scale. By helping bridge the digital divide, and ensuring women acquire skills to empower themselves, technology is an enabler of change.

Harnessing technology to advance the issue of gender empowerment allows women to take part in the conversation, broaden their perspectives and find new opportunities in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It’s a win-win for everyone. Financial inclusion promotes innovation for cost-effective delivery of financial products through the use of technology. It helps the underprivileged stabilize their income and build productive assets. Financial inclusion also means being able to access financial services, such as loans at anytime.

There are 2.5 billion individuals around the world currently lacking access to traditional financial products. Financial technology companies can support entrepreneurs especially those based in emerging markets. Beyond investing in crypto currency, technology is helping people save and qualify for loans to finance their business or fund investments. This also includes the ability to save their money securely, to be able to earn yield on that, to be able to make simple payments that are essential to their daily lives, and to be able to grow their financial stability over time. We are able to use alternative data to understand where people are in their lives and then be able to provide them with access to the liquidity they need to move towards opportunity.

Event Host

Dr Narisa Chauvidul-Aw

CEO and Founder of KogoPAY
Marlene Murphy
CEO and Founder of
The Artepreneurs
Guest of Honor
H.E Awad Mohammed Sheikh Bin Mujreen
Chairman. Emirates Travellers Festival
H. E. Hjayceelyn M. Quintana
Philippine Ambassador to U.A.E
Philippine Embassy in United Arab Emirates
H. E. Abdelrazaq Hadi
Former UAE Ambassador to Australia, Kenya and Chile
Representative of UAE to UNEP & Habitat, United Nations Organization
Ambassador Sandeep Mehta
Secretary General and Chairman, International Diplomatic Mission
H. E. Laila Rahhall El Etfani
President and Founder l Business Gate

Speaker & Panelists

Gustavo Montero
Founder of Carter Capital One UAE
Carl Munsayac
CEO of AltSwitch Global

Janis D Souza

Assets Management Advisor

Charul Chaitly

CEO of Founder Matiti Group

Vasilisa Marinchuk
Director of D4 CBCat
BSV Blockchain

 Maryam Al Mansoori

General Manager at Rebound Ltd.
Malachai Halliday
Founder CEO of Halliday Growth
Fiona Kirubi
Digital Investment Banker
Mohamed AlJassmi

Crypto Business Developer

Dr. Loretta Sanders
Counsellor & Motivational Coach, Your Vision in Motion
Maya Mattar
SmartHub | Business Management Book Author
Omid Honari
Regional Director & Head of Global Government & Institutional Partnerships

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One & Only Royal Mirage | The Royal Ballroom, Al Sufouh Road, Jumeirah Beach Dubai, UAE